Weligama Sri Lanka Surfing

Let the good times roll here in Weligama, Sri Lanka! Surfing spots are aplenty in this quaint, little beach town that offers something for every surfer whether you’re an amateur or an absolute pro.

The Weligama Beach break is great for beginners as the waves hold up to 5feet. At times you do get bigger swells up to 10 feet. The beach has 3 breaks each within paddling distance to each other so you can try your hand, or foot more precisely, in either one of them. Protected somewhat from the wind, the bay has a completely sandy bottom – so no need to worry about rocks!

If you want more thrilling waves, a short tuk-tuk ride will take you to more exposed beach breaks with higher power & faster waves such as the Kabalana, Midigama, Ram’s Point, Plantation Point & Two Secrets Point beach breaks.