The best things to do in Galle Fort

The best things to do in Galle

Are you planning on travelling to Sri Lanka for a vacation? If you are heading to the south coast of Sri Lanka, you need to tick the Galle Fort on your bucket list! The Fort has evolved into a fusion of heritage sites, monumental buildings, architecture, hotels, food, and culture over time. This makes it an ideal location to explore with a ton of things to do, see, and eat! Galle Fort has the most stunning and opulent vintage building structures that have now evolved into trendy stores, fusion cafes, hotels, and restaurants. You may spend all day admiring Galle Fort’s splendour, whether it is through shopping, learning about its history, or merely watching the sunset at the fort’s wall! If you are an adventurer and a travel enthusiast, Galle Fort is the best place that you could tour around to collect the best mementos and memories! Keep reading to find out the best things to do in Galle Fort while you are in Sri Lanka!

Explore Galle Lighthouse!

Galle Lighthouse, also known as Point de Galle Light, is the most popular and loved tourist destination in Galle. The lighthouse stands tall looking picture-perfect against the cobalt blue seas lapping at the lovely dusky sands with swaying coconut trees around it. The Fort’s architectural wonder further enhances its natural beauty and makes it a monumental figure admired by locals and travellers. The beautiful lighthouse that stands at the far end of Utrecht Bastion is unquestionably the symbol of Galle Fort. The lighthouse was built in 1650, making it Sri Lanka’s oldest lighthouse. The Sri Lanka Ports Authority still maintains it as a functioning lighthouse. Although you cannot walk inside, it is nevertheless one of Galle Fort’s top attractions. Sunset is the ideal time to view this elegant grandeur. The lighthouse is as picturesque as a postcard, so be sure to bring your camera! Tourists travel here to enjoy the lighthouse’s timeless beauty and to relax on the surrounding beaches. You can also indulge in many water sports, including swimming, scuba diving, and surfing activities that are available on the nearby beaches. The lighthouse’s surroundings are breathtaking, making it the ideal location for a wonderful picnic. You can also bring your picnic basket filled with food and cold beverages to enjoy with your loved ones. This can be an amazing time to watch the beautiful view of the lighthouse and the coral pink splurge of sunset rays. Make sure that you experience traditional Sri Lankan cuisine made fresh by the hotels, and food stalls where you can enjoy amazing local delicacies that can usually be accompanied by a cool king coconut beverage to beat the blazing sun! 

Shop and dine on Peddlar Street! 

Do you love shopping? Are you looking for stores that offer you traditional yet chic clothing and mementos that you can give your friends when you fly back? Explore no more! You can find Barefoot, a boutique shop that is renowned on Peddlar street for its unique designs and items inspired by local artistry and culture. This is a must-stop if you enjoy all things traditional and artistic!  Choose from a vibrant selection of handwoven sarongs and mats, handbags, toys made of fabric, clothing, ethnic jewellery, and home décor items. You are now able to shop from a range of items for the perfect souvenirs for your friends and family! Get inspired! Get local! 

Are you planning to spend your weekend in Galle Fort? Perfect! Make sure you are in the area on the weekend, for live jazz music played only on Friday evenings and Sundays with a palette of fresh seafood, grilled meat, and some chilled beer. Make sure that you check out The Pedlar’s Inn, a cozy café and coffee shop. You can stop to take a little break while strolling along Galle Fort’s cobblestone streets, welcomed in by melodic music. The best thing to do in Galle Fort is to simply stroll through the historic streets, stop by the amazing handicraft stores, and take in the stunning Dutch architecture. Galle Fort has some of Sri Lanka’s top stores! It’s the ideal location to purchase souvenirs and mementos of your journey.

Spend your weekend in Galle Fort! 

Galle Fort has the most quaint boutique hotels, gorgeous luxury villas, and beautifully renovated historic residences that are the ideal starting points for exploring Galle. Spending your time inside the Fort is one of the best things to do in Galle Fort as it is gorgeously quiet and removed from the noise and bustle of the city. Pick between a classic hotel inside the Fort’s walls that is more expensive or a humble guesthouse outside the fort that is more affordable. You can also stay in one of the beach towns further along the coast and take a day excursion to Galle Fort. You may spend a whole day discovering the magnificence of Galle Fort, whether it is by shopping, touring the historic city, or admiring the breathtaking sunset at the Fort’s wall! However, it is ideal that you spend two nights, a weekend preferably to enjoy the best that Galle Fort can offer you! 

Just eat! 

The hotels and cafes in Galle Fort have a unique, modern interpretation of Sri Lankan and Dutch cuisine. Overlooking the beautiful Galle Fort, you can find the best restaurants and trendy coffee shops lined up to cater to your taste! Make sure you head early to catch freshly caught fish and an assortment of meats and rice dishes.  The menu usually includes a fusion of curry-rice combos in addition to burgers and Italian main dishes. Remember to sample the locally sourced tuna burger and the lamprais, a classic Sri Lankan dish inspired by Dutch cuisine with accompanying sauces. You are also able to enjoy a variety of desserts after a unique assortment of dishes. This truly is one of the best things to do in Galle Fort!

Enjoy some gelato! 

Isn’t gelato just perfect? Trying out Isle of Gelato’s whipped-up ice cream is one of the best things to do in Galle Fort. Isle of Gelato is the perfect shop for all gelato and ice cream lovers! They offer you the best and a range of unique flavors of whipped-up ice cream and gelato. This is the most recent and sensational in a succession of trendsetting businesses in Galle!  When available, fresh local ingredients are used in a variety of handcrafted ice creams and sorbets created by the Isle of Gelato utilizing an Italian recipe. You can order a range of their most popular flavors. Puttalam sea salt, caramel, orange and cardamom, coffee, and dark chocolate are a must-try! Make sure to try the tamarind-coconut milk sorbet, mangosteen, pistachio, and cake so cheesy for something unique!  Head over to the Isle of gelato and enjoy some Italian-inspired gelato and delicacies while you are exploring the scenic Galle Fort!