Relish your honeymoon in Sri Lanka with Mosvold’s finest Boutique hotels & beach villas! 

Would you like to create unforgettable memories of a lifetime on your honeymoon? Situated in the southern regions of tropical Sri Lanka, Mosvold Boutique Hotels provides you with unforgettable experiences to make your honeymoon a unique one! Escape the world to enjoy your romantic honeymoon in Sri Lanka with Mosvold’s finest boutique hotels in Sri Lanka! With its azure waters and miles of sandy beaches, Sri Lanka is without a doubt a top honeymoon location for a lavish vacation spent by the Indian Ocean. However, with so many resorts and destinations to select from, it might be difficult to choose just one. Mosvold Boutique Hotel offers honeymooners like you its finest beach villas set in tropical serenity and ultimate privacy. You can now choose to experience the ultimate luxury in a serene setting in Mosvold Boutique Hotel Ahangama or Sundara in Balapitiya! It is your choice! You can enjoy your idyllic honeymoon within the landscapes of verdant perfection, comfortably ensconced in lush green scenery and pristine azure waters of the Ahangama and Balapitiya beaches!

Mosvold Boutique Hotel Ahangama – For peace and tranquillity 

Ahangama is an undiscovered gem in Sri Lanka and is a small town in the Southern Province. This town is among the most scenic in the nation, known for its immaculate beaches, clear waters, and picturesque settings. It is conveniently reachable via Galle, a significant city located approximately 20 minutes from Ahangama. The Mosvold Boutique Hotel is regarded as a testament to the serene beauty of Ahangama Bay. Its presence merely fosters harmony between the ocean, vibrant weather, and local culture bringing a fresh experience among other Ahangama hotels. It is the ultimate confluence of colonel antiquity embellished with contemporary touches built to meet your needs and comforts. Mosvold Boutique Hotel Ahangamais the ideal choice to spend your romantic honeymoon in Sri Lanka as it promises the ultimate seclusion and tranquillity you have been dreaming of. 

With a spectacular view overlooking the pristine beaches, you can be assured of the best hospitality and entertainment the hotel has to offer. The breathtaking elegance of the Mosvold Boutique Hotel Ahangama will remain in your memory as one of the best holidays you have ever experienced in a lifetime! Upon entering the premises, Mosvold Boutique Hotel Ahangama instantly offers you an aura of the prestige of privacy. Within its tastefully vintage setting,  you can now avail of a secluded character that pervades down to its finest detail! With opulent wooden doors, Moroccan mosaic tiles, and cemented arches, Mosvold Boutique hotel Ahangama is all about class and grandeur! There are 16 suites in the villa, each with high ceilings and furniture settings exclusively designed with Teak, timber battens, rattan, Paduru, and Awanpath. These settings are incorporated to pay homage and honor to the authentic roots of Sri Lankan culture. The rooms come in neutral tones of caramel brown, beige, white, and teal for a soothing ambiance.  You can now experience an elevated sense of privacy with a private courtyard, pool, and living area in the case of a VIP suite.  

If you are looking for a relaxing activity to do together after your busy wedding day, look no more! The Spa massages are one of the main highlights of Mosvold Boutique Hotel Ahangama! The ambiance of the spa rooms is elevated with the hues of the savanna, healing music, and an immaculate view of the beach will contribute to the healing and renewing process. Your gastronomic fantasies can be fulfilled with a sumptuous array of international and local a la carte cuisine with custom-made food, cocktails, and other beverages. Several dining options are given according to your preference from a platter of authentic Sri Lankan food, to British, Chinese, and Italian cuisine.  While meals can be ordered in the dining room, accommodations are generally provided on a bed-and-breakfast basis for your secluded getaway. However, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air and a sedate atmosphere at the restaurant that sprawls within the plush green courtyard. To complete your romantic honeymoon in Sri Lanka, you must enjoy Mosvold’s finest amenities including yoga, and swimming that overlooks the blue waters of the Ahangama beach. It is with no doubt that Mosvold Boutique Hotel Ahangama has taken many strides to ensure that young couples are made to feel completely at ease, as though in the privacy of their own homes!

Sundara For luxury and comfort 

When it comes to Sundara, you have the ultimate luxury of choice. Set in a tropical haven, where opulence nestles within a facade of contemporary charm, Sundara is an absolute abode of beauty! Sundara is a beach villa with signature elegance and an oasis of lavish hospitality! This makes it the perfect venue to enjoy your picturesque honeymoon in Sri Lanka! Because of its amazing history, cobalt beaches studded in amber sunsets, and breathtaking natural charm, Balapitiya is recognized as one of Sri Lanka’s most secluded and remote locales.  Due to the stunning Madu River and quaint fishing villages, Balapitiya is a fantastic vacation spot for those who love to travel. Every traveler’s dream is to go to Sri Lanka and experience the country’s rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and tropical beauty of Sri Lanka. Sundara is built in one of Sri Lanka’s secluded locations that are tucked away behind the magnificent beaches, catering to the discerning tourist looking for luxury, privacy, and exclusivity! 

Being bestowed with the plush beauty of nature, Sundara offers various amenities for your ultimate comfort and leisure. After a long day of enjoying the sun and sand, you can retreat into the quiet confines of the rooms,  which are available in eight beach suites. Timber floors add an authentic charm along with vintage furniture settings. Each room also features an attached bathroom, air conditioning, continental or international breakfast, satellite TV, high-speed WiFi, relaxing color tones, and themed settings uniquely designed to meet your comforts. The villa’s rustic interior, including the rooms, is decorated in tones that compliment the cobalt and emerald hues that are only a few steps from the main green courtyard and beach waters. Dining options are aplenty at Sundara which serves an exquisite array of local and international cuisine that will be served to your taste. You can also ask for vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Adjacent to the main restaurant laps the pool that is nestled amid the vast jade courtyard. Sundara is indeed one of the finest beach villas in Sri Lanka for a romantic and secluded holiday as it provides all the essential components of the sun and sand experience, including a Spa, swimming pool, and courtyard dinners! If you are one to enjoy your honeymoon in Sri Lanka whilst enjoying the water, sunsets, and quiet dinners, Sundara is your perfect honeymoon getaway for you to indulge!