Celebrate your dream wedding in Sri Lanka at Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas with elegance and style!

An outdoor wedding is an ideal opportunity to show off everything that nature has to offer! Whether you want to exchange vows on a beach by the endless stretches of sand and waves unfolding before you or want to have a rustic wedding in the garden courtyard with swaying jade palm trees, Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas will help you create memories last a lifetime! There’s something so beautiful about getting married amidst the beauty of nature, from vows exchanged at dusk along the beach to a moonlit reception under the sky. To make your dream wedding in Sri Lanka a reality, collaborate with Mosvold Villa Boutique Hotel for the best options to make your dream wedding a reality! All you need is a contemporary backdrop setting, fine dining, and some creative thinking! No matter where your journey takes you can always be assured that  Mosvold Villa in Ahangama or Sundara in Balapitiya will feature an awe-inspiring presence, award-winning cuisine, and exceptional service to make your dream wedding in Sri Lanka a picture-perfect one! 

Are you planning to host your destination wedding in Ahangama or Balapitiya? The choice is yours! You can curate your bespoke destination wedding in Sri Lanka with the help of Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas to make your dream come true. Bucolic beauty and opulent comfort define Mosvold boutique hotels Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas. These luxury beachfront properties have a combination of rustic and chic sophistication that is so appealing. The elegant decor and styling of these boutique hotels are colligated with a fresh palette of grey, navy blue, sage green, beige and coral pink hues. Signature art pieces crafted locally and internationally are placed in the entrance to exhibit modern luxury; making this an ideal entrance for your rustic destination wedding! If you are seeking to celebrate your picturesque wedding in a style like no other, Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas promises you the ultimate tropical wedding experience that you envision! You are provided with custom packages personalized to every little detail that you desire; including custom backdrop settings, flower arrangements, wedding decor, and fusion art catering. Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas Help you create a magical and romantic gateway for your wedding in Sri Lanka, along with pre-wedding indulgences and excursions to let your mind roam, which sets it apart from other Sri Lankan beachfront Hotel Villas. 

Avail your outdoor wedding in tropical opulence. 

Imagine being with loved ones under the twinkling of the stars. A calm rendition of your favorite ballad is playing in the background, and the warm light from the bistro lights overhead casts a welcoming glow on your guests. You dance leisurely with your spouse while you take in the fresh evening air and are surrounded by beloved ones and family. Everything right now appears to be a dream. Life is all about beautiful moments. This is your ultimate chance to treasure them! With the support of a wedding coordinator and staff, you can create a picturesque ambiance amid a tropical setting as your backdrop, to be enriched by details of your choice. Chairs and tables can be tastefully arranged around the pool amid the plush pathways with surrounding green alcoves of palm trees. Dappled lanterns and lamps can be placed on the embedded mosaic tiles for a perfectly illuminated setting for an occasion held at dusk. Candle-lit marquees can host buffet-style meals and beverages. Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas offers an array to infuse eclectic versatility to the cuisine served. You are promised a tranquil and beautiful private resort experience that prioritizes newlyweds seeking a romantic wedding celebration and idyllic getaway. It’s a perfect place to stay in an opulent suite, treat yourself to spa services, enjoy great meals, and grow closer to your loved one in your own secluded space.  

Elevate your beach wedding amid turquoise tranquility.

By reserving Mosvold Villa in Ahangama or Sundara in Balapitiya for your special occasion, you may elevate your beach wedding experience in Sri Lanka. Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas help you plan a tranquil, one-of-a-kind event while allowing your loved ones to indulge in the utmost comforts, fine dining, and luxury experiences of the wedding occasion. If you plan on experiencing your beach wedding in Sri Lanka, you can request an exclusive private party for your close loved ones and family. The wedding can take place in its serene ambiance that takes center stage amid the dusky sands and azure waters. The flowing breezes, the wind in the trees, and the lapping of the waves just elevate the sheer beauty that you have envisaged for your perfect occasion. The idyllic beachfront location makes  Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas the ultimate choice for a destination wedding in Sri Lanka. You are also able to host other occasions such as birthday parties, engagements, and family gatherings. Say ‘I do” and exchange heartfelt vows with your spouse under a floral arch when the crimson sun hits the pavilion of the cobalt blue waters of the beautiful beach waters of Ahangama and Balapitiya. 

If some hotels impress you with details, Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas offers you the bigger picture! Once you are done with your big day, you can experience a whole new level of comfort and excursions that can be only promised in the humble Ahangama or Balapitiya! You can spend your honeymoon in suites that are carefully designed to give you the essence of intimacy, seclusion, and space. You will be provided with luxury comforts from your complimentary room upgrade, bed and breakfast, private pool, spa massages, and private open-air verandahs, providing the instant allure of inside-outside tropical living. Candle-lit dinners and an evening stroll around the jewel-studded gardens of Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas is an experiences that cannot be missed! With the help of Mosvold Boutique Hotels & Villas, you can celebrate your ideal wedding in Sri Lanka which you have been always dreaming of! Why wait? Celebrate your big day with life-changing moments and experiences!